Trail Marks

a visual guide for half minds

Marks can be layed on trail using one or any combination of these things:

Disclaimer: 1 - this page is currently in progress.

Disclaimer 2 - Keeping in mind that the hash is constantly evolving and that different kennels use different marks - I've tried to capture here all the most popular marks in use for HS!WTF? and other local kennels I've visited. If something is missing or incorrect, let your webmeister know! 

INTERSECTION =  3 Puffs in a triangle pattern or a circle w/a H or X in it; The trail can head off in any direction, 369 degrees. The next mark from a check should be within a city block.

BAD/FALSE TRAIL =  3 Lines; go back to the previous intersection/check and look for other trail markings.

True Trail  =  An arrow with Three Lines in it

Check Back = A Check marked by a Check Followed by a Number to Indicate that you need to count back the number backwards on trail to the designated spot and look all around for trail going off in another direction.

Beverage/Beer near = Beer is within .25 miles of this mark (OR WAY CLOSER)

Beverage Check =    A Check marked as B w/a Check  to indicate Beverages or its equivalent is stashed somewhere in the immediate vicinity.

 Y.B.F  =  A Checked marked with the letters YBF You’ve Been Fooled Which needs direction to pickup trail in some other location.

Whichy Way = A Check mark to indicate trail goes both ways but one way is more difficult than than the other but it will be a crapshoot for the pack.

Turkey Eagle Split =  A Check mark to indicate trail goes both ways but the Turkey trail is a quicker trail to finish while the Eagle trail is for the Hard Core Hasher and is a long trail into finish but more fun.

Piece check = Show a little piece of skin to a hasher, and continue to find trail.

BN =  A Check to indicate trail finish is near usually within a hundred yards.

ON IN = The End of trail - Ending circle will start soon after DFL makes it i