HSWTF H3 Mismanagement Positions and Responsibilititties

The Mismanagement Team are the poor saps that are erected to mismanage the debauchery and shenanigans of the HSWTF H3 kennel. That being said, every hasher is expected to pitch-in to guarantee a good time is had by all. Erections are held once per year, at the Holy Shit Anal Campout, usually in August.

GM (Grand Master/Mistress)

The HSWTH H3 GM is erected by the group as being most capable of screwing things up at the hash. The GM is responsible for keeping the hash running. They are expected to do the after-mentioned jobs if the responsible wankers don't have the motivation skills to find a hasher to fill-in. The GM has the final say in most, if not all, things and is accountable for making sure mismanagement adequately has their sh*t together.

RA (Religious Advisor)

The RA (Religious Advisor) role includes running the circle before and after trail, as well as being able to “punish” members of the pack for crimes they may or may not have committed on trail. They must have a deep understanding of the expression "Never Let the Truth Get in the Way of a Good Story". The RA helps to promote and educate the pack on hash traditions. They share stories of Hash origins (See: Gispert) and must be able to relay the folklore and illustrative history of HSWTF H3. They pretend to know several hash songs and make every effort to keep the amusement, and even more problematic- the attention, of the alcohol induced ADHD hashers involved. They must to be able and willing to yell, be yelled at, and be proficient in jibberish.


The Hare Raiser has the unfortunate task attempting to motivate a bunch of drinkers enough to go out and find trails to run. They do their best to corner potential hares during moments of weakness (perhaps during a late night of drinking) and make them commit to setting a run weeks in advance. The Hare Raiser will interpret even the most lukewarm response to such inquiries of setting trail as a “yes”. The Hare Raiser will diligently pay attention to new hash members who are insane enough to return to ensure they get an assigned trail to hare and assist them in locating an experienced co-hare to help guide them. This usually occurs around the No F*cking Name’s 5th trail. HSWTF H3 expects the NFN members to participate in a minimum of 5 trails and Co-Hare a trail before they are named. The Hare Raiser is expectations of a good HSWTH trail, educating hares on proper marks, sharing necessary trail information with the GM at least 5 days prior to their trail, and setting trail if they do not find a hare or someone wanks off on their commitment.

Hash Cash

The hash cash portion of this job includes being the holder of the purse-strings. Someone needs to dash about at the start of each hash begging for $7 from each person (someone has to keep track of what comes in and what goes out.) They are adept at knowing when to say, “Yeah, we can float you this week.” Or when to say, “Pay up you cheapskate”. Without money there is no beer. The hash cash tries to keep the hash from going in the red. Going broke is OK, owing money is bad.

The On-Sec portion of this job entails being keeper of the records; ie- putting names in the book for who comes to trail so we know who to go looking for in the shaggy if they are lost on trail. The On-Sec can at a moments notice let hashers know how many trails they have done, provide a list of attending hashers to the Hash Historian so they can write about the days events, and recognize major trail analversaries.


With very little budget, this hasher is responsible for procuring, promoting, and selling hash gear including, but not limited to: gadgets, gizmos, accessories, sex toys, and hash apparel. Containers of undersized clothing and useless paraphernalia fill their car at every trail in hopes that an out-of-towner with money will show up and buy something. They will also keep the pack supplied with hash cards to share with prospective hashers.

Hash Historian

The Hash Historian documents shenanigans, whether real or imagined, that occur at Hashing Events through witty commentary about the trail and the various awarded down downs. This individual must also understand and dutifully respect the saying “Never Let the Truth Get In The Way of a Good Story”. The Historian is expected to embody this expression in their stories of trail and circle by using full truths, ½ truths, partial truths and just some made up sh*t to help the story along and punish the innocent. They are responsible for distributing this documentation (i.e. Hash Trash) in a ‘timely manner’ (before the next hash) so those who didn’t show will feel like they missed something fun the week before. If they cannot make trail, they must see that the shenanigans are still documented by a hasher in attendance or gather enough dirt from those who were present to sufficiently make up a good story.

Hash Flash

The Hash Flash captures digital images of all embarrassing hash moments for the posterity of the kennel. The Hash Flash must have an acute sense of the absurd, in addition to a small degree of reliability, when it comes to bringing a recommended waterproof camera or phone, taking only the most (in)appropriate of photos, and putting only the finest thereof into the sacred photo album. This person is to be feared by all trail pissers.

Cranium of Charitable Events

The Cranium of Charitable events must be able to put forth a good face for the community (hey, someone’s gotta do it) to guarantee the kennel comes off looking respectable. This wanker is responsible for the HSWTF highway clean-up, food and donation drive(s), partnering with the Hareraiser for themed runs, updating the calendar, and making announcements at circle to remind drunk half minds of upcoming events that fall under their jurisdiction.